What are the available students’ online services, how to access them?

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The Directorate of ICT and Services offers support and several online services to staff and students. The services are on the AIM platforms, namely:

  1. Students Portal (https://student.kyu.ac.ug/) that offers Enrollment, payment reference numbers, results, registration etc,
  2. E-leaning(https://kelms.kyu.ac.ug/),
  3. Webmail (http://mail.kyu.ac.ug/),
  4. Enable portal (https://enable.kyu.ac.ug/) that teaches about sensory impairment,
  5. Admissions portal (https://admissions.kyu.ac.ug/) for applying to the university and staff portal
  6. (https://staff.kyu.ac.ug/) for uploading students’ marks and other administrative functions.

The services can be accessed through the university website- https://kyu.ac.ug/, under online portals on the top menu bar. The student’s portal also has a mobile app for android and apple.

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